Your Love My Love is a song about cleansing your life from bullies. The hardest bully to deal with is the one who is closest to you. They may be a family member or a friend. Generally this type of bully will step all over you to get what they want. They will act like they are more important than you and a better person. They will say one thing while doing the opposite. You know what, let them go. There is no need to let them drag you down to their level. You deserve better and to beat this bully, just walk away. They’ll never change. You may love them as a friend or family member, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. You deserve better! Basically, Your Love My Love, is not worth saving.

Verse 1
Standing on a face of bronze
You jackal in your cloak
The pearls you preach are drenched in bleach
and blackened by the smoke

You browbeat, you savage, to take control
I’ve no desire for your friendly fire

Some will rise and some will fall
And some like you are not worth saving
I want you to recognise your love my love
Is not worth saving

Verse 2
Shooting suns with paper guns
You rhapsodize your mark
A vinyl face will soon replace
To fight against the dark

You circle, you vulture, the next hotline
I won’t be pining for a kiss goodbye

So go ahead, lay your bed, live in dreamland
But don’t come back
Blaze away, your faux display, melt in quicksand
But don’t you dare come back

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen