Tokyo is an amazing city. It has a gorgeous mix of old and new, the young and the wise, the hectic and the calm. The people are absolutely stunning. They are kind, welcoming and are great fun to be around. You will always find a local who is willing to help you, guide you, treat you as an old friend and always with a smile on their face! The song Tokyo, is about a small town athlete dreaming about and then experiencing the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. They arrive in Tokyo with ambition in their heart, and the success of the participants is measured through what they achieve as a group, not individual competitors. No matter what pressure they are under, in Tokyo, everyone is successful together. Tokyo, what a stunning electric lady! 

Verse 1
Swallowing my fear, looking in the mirror
Behind me, the dust of failure
Ditch my rusty boots, avid in pursuit
The city, my goddess saviour

The Goosebump braille’s a tale in twenty-twenty vision
The backbone chills reveals this liberating ambition

And I scream for Tokyo
I’m in love with this electric lady
And my eyes are burning gold
I’m in love with the majestic, electric lady Tokyo

Verse 2
Strutting on advance, swaying to the chant
Surrounded by breathless faces
Shoulders weigh a tonne, sweating on a gun,
The sound is pixelated

The energy is free as we rise up together
The hearts with nerve deserve this elevated splendour

With centuries of exotic poise
It waltzes with the excited noise
Of ludic monks and footloose punks
A cinematic dream to share

The future lives between the lines
Of Geisha girls and neon signs
A tranquil pool a lotus jewel
The freedom that you get to hear – when I scream

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen