Thrill Pill is a middle finger to masculinity. Men who judge women by the clothes they wear should be ashamed.

Verse 1
My guns are telling me I’m fit to consume
A modern concubine, my smoking dopamine
My eyes are stumbling to your scarlet bloom
I thump my noble drum, the hunt has just begun

So I start sliding, scare you out of hiding
And my pulse gets higher, from your lush attire
With a small synthetic, just to feel magnetic
I will beat my chest, until you are undressed

Do you have the thrill for the morning after pill?

Verse 2
My spell is chewing on the bones of respect
Your skin begins to welt, a notch on Cupid’s belt

A broken queen, trapped in a toxic dream
Life is virility, accept it gracefully

There’s no confusion, that I possess
I see you want me, by the way you dress

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen