The Devil Is Innocent is a song about ignorance and bigotry. It describes how quickly society is to judge someone as a ‘problem’ just because they are different. Whether it is mental health, sexual orientation or addiction; social leaders spread lies through the media to scare people into believing that the unknown is dangerous to them. This is usually to fulfil their own agenda. It is embarrassing that we live in a world where archaic thoughts still rule. The song is about equality and the right everyone has to live without fear for their safety or freedom. As a society, we are long past ‘raising awareness’, it’s time for us to actually do something.

Verse 1
Little hellcat your blood has been whiplashed
With gene-pool poisoning
Foolish green man, you’re trapped in a fear scam
Of Death cult policies

Smoke breed’s hysteria
When you walk in time of an ancient chime
Switch bladed media devours all the lying

If you can believe that the devil is innocent
If you can believe that I never made an angel cry
Power of choice ain’t relevant
Then you could believe that this devil is innocent

Verse 2
Dirty Scapegoat your beautiful halo
Is wrapped tight around your neck
Natal witches and the drug habit kissers
Are the golden ones that we now neglect

Float in a toxic pool
When your thumbs are down you are sure to drown
Sink with a hidden jewel, unless you wear the mystery

Innocent of social damage
Innocent back alley savage
A victim of your ignorance
Heaven knows that the devil is innocent

Verse 3
Stab it with a thousand knives
The blood will stain the same

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen