The Devil Is Innocent on Triple J

Whoa! The Devil Is Innocent on Triple J Unearthed is sitting at #2 on the Rock Charts!!

A cheeky two weeks after The Devil Is Innocent debuted on Triple J Unearthed it hit number 2 on the Rock chart and number 8 overall. As Australia’s premier Independent Music Charts, this is a dream result.

Thank you to everyone who listened to the song. Over a period of two weeks, Mullen and his social followers joined forces to show Triple J that you don’t need a fancy label, RR company, management or radio pluggers to have a successful chart placing on Triple J Unearthed.

..just goes to show that the people are the real power behind the music

“When we uploaded the song we were very skeptical of the value of Triple J. This result just goes to show that the people are the real power behind music, and not always the radio tastemakers.” says Andrew Mullen “It speaks volumes of a system that is broken where a song cannot get airplay, but can reach the Top 10 on that stations”

Mullen has contributed the success of the performance of the song to Twitter and Facebook followers who got behind the track.

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