Tell Them It’s War is a song about the responsibility everyone has to ensure the world is peaceful, equal, fair and safe. If you are not actively opposing war, then you are passively supporting it. Your taxes, votes & role as a consumer funds war, and for that you are responsible. War is a product of everyone’s creation. Imagine if you had to look a child in the eye and tell them that the reason they must die is because of a war you support.

Verse 1
The blood on her dress will christen the casket
The pink silk it used to be white
A mother will pray she whispers with acid
Why you’ll spend these ageless drab nights in
The little wooden box

Butterflies don’t know why they keep dying
So look them in the eye and tell her it’s war
Tell him it’s war, Tell Them It’s War

Verse 2
This drone has your eyes; programmed for ignorance
To walk in a jackbooted line
Your sciolism grows and mutates with elegance
A stainless and magnetic spine of
Your little metal box

Passive soldiers lay their ballot hands into
Synthetic holsters lined in blood-drenched plans
Prepare to steal their final breath
Tell the child you bring them death
Twist the knife just as they scream your name

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen