Mullen's Guitar

Mullen’s Guitar, she’s a gorgeous redhead.

This lovely lady came into my life a few months ago. I am totally smitten. She’s a stunning Autumn Blaze Fender Stratocaster. She is an absolute dream to play and sounds simply amazing! Basically I just want to show her off, but I haven’t given her a name yet. I thought I’d just let the name come naturally, but if you’ve got any ideas, hit me up in the comments section. Do you have any ideas? I will be posting some videos where I am recording with her very soon, so watch this space! She will be in use for the final 4 songs of the new album, so check back soon and I promise to post a video of some tracking!

For the guitar nerds, here are the spec highlights. Fender Stratocaster American Elite, Autumn Blaze, Rosewood neck, Compound Back Shape, Modern “C” to “D” neck, Shawbucker bridge pickup, 4th Generation Noiseless middle & neck pickup. Jealous yet? She’s also got the S-1 Switching, but even more incredible is the Push-Push Passing lane switch to engage Bridge Pickup and bypass tone controls. I like chunky guitar riff and Mullen’s Guitar delivers this over and over again.

I bought her through Blackline Music. I have recently had the guys at Blackline set her up with some heavier strings (only the Low E & A strings) as my standard tuning is quite different compared to what the Strat was built for. This has meant putting an additional spring in the back and setting the bridge as so it is almost like a hardtail guitar. The nut needed a bit of shaving to fit the thicker strings, but she plays like a dream. Like a dream!

Don’t forget, Mullen’s guitar needs a name, so if you’ve got any ideas, add it to the comments!

~ Mullen

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