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BENT (HOW DO YOU LOSE AN AEROPLANE?) – Politically charged, Bent is a song about corruption. How is it possible to lose a big f^cking aeroplane when you can spy on anyone from out of space?

BREAKTHROUGH THE SOUND – We’ve all felt beaten, ashamed and desperate for redemption. This is a song about ignoring those who bring you down & fill your head with noise. Join forces with each other and breakthrough this noise.

ID FLY – In the mind of an addict. They don’t want to be there, they want freedom from the destruction of their ‘inner addict’ who they don’t like one bit.

MADMAN EATER – Madman Eater is a story about a guy who meets a girl he likes and adjusts his natural behaviour in order to get her attention which has a devastating result

TELL THEM IT’S WAR – Everyone has a responsibility to actively strive for peace & safety. If you are not actively opposing war, you are passively supporting it. How would you feel if you had to tell children that you are the reason they are being killed?

THE DEVIL IS INNOCENT – The power of choice is not relevant. Addiction, sexual orientation & mental illness all share a common social trait. People think they are something you can chose, and shake off when it’s run it’s course. Even worse is the social stigma that people who are addicts, want recognition of their sexuality or suffer from mental illness, are in fact tainted by the devil. Archaic, yes; but sadly true. The time for awareness is over. Action is necessary.

THRILL PILL – This is a song dedicated to masculinity in all it’s shameful glory. How men can think they are a gift to women is beyond me. Any person who judges a women by the way they dress or act should be ashamed of themselves.

TOKYO – The song Tokyo, is about a small town athlete dreaming about and then experiencing the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Tokyo, what a stunning electric lady!

TORNADO – Anxiety, Depression & panic attacks are just like the destructive force of a Tornado hunting you down. Batten down the hatches, protect yourself from the storm, survive and learn how to defend yourself even better for the next wave of destruction

WHATEVER I WANT – A song about allowing yourself be true and free. In life, you can either be smothered and oppressed OR you can take off all your closes and let yourself be free, stand up for what you believe in and make a difference in the single life you’ve been given! HOOT HOOT!

YOUR LOVE MY LOVE – This is a song about cleansing your life from bullies. The hardest bully to deal with is the one who is closest to you. They may be a family member or a friend.