Mullen Music Artwork - BTS

Words can not express how I amazed I am with this Mullen Music Artwork by von Adrian. It is simply stunning. von Adrian contacted me on my Twitter account @MullenOfficial after he had read the Lyrics to the Mullen song Breakthrough the Sound.

von Adrian is a Senior High School student and lives in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, China. He sent me a tweet saying “Went to your website and love your lyrics”. He went on to say “there’s always something that makes me wanna draw… Breakthrough the Sound is one of them 😀 I imaged how the things might be like…” Of course I had to follow this up and asked von Adrian to create some Mullen Music Artwork. It’s bloody amazing if you ask me.

I feel very honoured that von Adrian took the time to read my lyrics and gifted his time (he said he should have been studying) to do this wonderful visual representation of Breakthrough the Sound. Initially he was concerned that he wasn’t interpreting the song correctly. Lyrics are personal to the writer, so this is a valid concern. In my humble opinion, we all interpret music in our own way, which is how we can connect emotionally. So if your interpretation is different to the writer, that is ok, you are not meant to know exactly what the writer means, but you can relate to their story and connect with the song emotionally.

I would love it if everyone read through the lyrics and produced their own Mullen Music Artwork for the song that they connect to the most. Your visual representation of my lyrics would be a formidable team – and of course, I’ll feature your Mullen Music Artwork on this website. Who knows, we might even be able release a single with the artwork you draw!

Big Hugs ~ Mullen


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