Mullen Album Recording

It’s been a few months since the debut Mullen album recording commenced. I think now is a really good time to tell you where I am at with the album and give you a bit of history on this exciting project. Did I tell you I’m releasing a full length album?? Ha ha, yes up until a week ago I had been working on the idea of recording 7 songs as so I can release a 5 track EP and have the flexibility to use the remaining 2 songs for promotional / bonus reasons. I’ve been working with David Carr from Rangemaster recording studio, and during one of the mixing sessions he swivelled his chair around and in the most sinister way said “You know, you only need 3 more songs for a full album”.

So the idea has been festering for a while now. I’ve done loads of Twitter Polls with my Twitter account @MullenOfficial and the feedback I’ve received has been incredible. So I am very excited to say that I’ll be recording 4 more songs in November to complete the album.

This means I need to get my butt into gear and start polishing the new songs up, and write some lyrics. All of the songs I am thinking of doing are upbeat rock tunes and range in topics from personal independence, Tokyo, fools and dealing with people who annoy the hell out of you! The album will be very rocky and have loads of fuzzy guitars.

I’ve been working on this project for a long time. It’s been almost 18 months since I started recording guitars. To begin with I recorded vocals, guitars, bass and software drums at home to get a good feel for a whole bunch of songs, I narrowed that list down to 5 songs to record the EP.  I approached David  Carr to mix a master the tracks I had recorded. Because I had used software to produce the drums, we were really keen to record them properly in the studio with a real life drummer boy. Those 5 songs turned into 6, and as soon as I realised how awesome Leigh Thompson was on drums, I threw another one at him to make 7!

I am very humbled by the whole process. The amount of effort that goes into writing, recording, redoing the recording, rewriting the songs, getting emotional, running from the project because of the fear of failure and having to bare your soul to people you don’t even know is very life consuming…. and I’m making David Carr do all the hard work for the Mullen Album Recording.

Hey, if you’ve got any ideas for an album name – let me know in the comments section! For now, I’ll keep cracking on with the Mullen Album Recording!

Big Hugs ~ Mullen

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