On the surface Madman Eater could appear to be a song about a girl who chews up men with fervour, but there is much, MUCH, more to this story. Why is she a Madman Eater? Why does she need to sharpen her teeth on lightning? Madman Eater is a story about a guy who meets a girl he likes and adjusts his natural behaviour in order to get her attention. She likes excitement and a wild side, so he gives her that. As their relationship blossoms she becomes increasingly frustrated that he is not exactly who he lead her to believe he is. She starts sharpening her teeth because she is not going to take this. Sure enough, she loses patience and tears him apart. He is so lost in his charade that he wonders why she is even like this, but unless he becomes truthful, the situation will get even worse. Sound like a familiar story?

Verse 1
Tip toe into a rattle pit
Flat feet caught in disguise
Slip slide I think she’s purring
And I took venom in a stride

Punch Drunk her laugh besotted me
Deep down in sultry eyes
Kick start the foolish engine
As I dissemble what is wild

She sharpens her teeth on lightning
She’s a man-eater, a madman eater
She hardens her kiss for charlating
She’s a man-eater, a madman eater

Verse 2
Snap back she snarled right through me
Caught in a masquerade
Dunk this deceit in water
And watch the ripples turn to waves

Outbreak my head has started simmering
Sweating the mask aside
I tried to rival savage
But I am just the wolf that cried

Self destroying I’m been bawling carelessly
Call 911 the fever is getting fun
Complications she lost patience indulging me
Call 911 the fever is getting fun
911 the fever’s is fun
Call 911 for fever

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen