June Featured Artist on Music Talks

This month, I had the pleasure to be the June Featured Artist on Music Talks. The amazing crew at Music Talks allowed me to write my story for the song “The Devil Is Innocent“. I wanted to be bold and honest without seeming like I am fishing for sympathy. I very much enjoyed this experience, it was liberating, so I thought I’d share a snippet here and you can read the full article at Music Talks

June Featured Artist on Music Talks – Mullen

The Devil Is Innocent

It was broken in two places. I don’t remember how I broke it so badly. I didn’t have the strength to crawl from the bathroom floor into the shower to wash away the filth of consuming nothing but vodka for a week. I was physically and mentally broken. My damaged leg would take about 6 months to repair, but my mind would take a lot longer. 

This was a couple of years ago now. It wasn’t my last bender, but it was a blessing in disguise. I’m not saying this to fish for sympathy or glorify a bad situation, but I do want you to know that part of my ongoing recovery from addiction, was to recover my songwriting passion.

My name is Andrew Mullen and under the guise of “Mullen”, I have just released a single called “The Devil Is Innocent”. It is the first single off my upcoming album called “Intox” which is slated for a mid-2017 release. When I started writing songs that would become the album, I wanted to write music that I would be proud of. These songs needed to mean something deep to me, in a style that I was passionate about (Alternative Rock Music) and about subjects which have a social impact that people could relate to. The word ‘Intox’ is a double edged word to me that represents society’s obsession with intoxication and it translates as ‘brainwashing’ in French.

“The Devil Is Innocent” is a song about the social stigma and archaic views that surrounds Addiction. It is also very true for Mental Illness and Sexual Orientation. When I was trying to understand why I couldn’t imagine a sober life, I really felt like a Devil, and even…

Read the full article at Music Talks

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