ID FLY is an acronym for “I Don’t F^cking Like You”. The song tells the story of the dirty & destructive nature of the inner addict.

I don’t think I like you

Verse 1
Hunting in a poisoned armour
Waiting for the world to disagree
Balanced on the edge of karma
Loosing all my grace and dignity

Trapped in obsession, instincts are spinning
Gripped by the toxins that I find, in your grin

Verse 2
Drowning in a thick solution
Waiting for the artificial glow
Falling in a grey delusion
Watching as the ration hits the low

Blacked out and seething, void of emotions
Crawling underneath my naked skin, the sickness grows

Don’t you know that I was once alive?
Can’t you see your spell has left me?

Verse 3
Passed out and bleeding, death is receiving
You say you’re sorry, but it never ends

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen