The Devil Is Innocent - Single Cover

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of The Devil Is Innocent

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of The Devil Is Innocent

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of The Devil Is Innocent: “The Devil Is Innocent” is a song about the social stigma and archaic views that surrounds Mental Illness, Sexual Orientation and Addiction.

Addiction, sexual orientation & mental illness all share a common social trait; The power of choice is not relevant. Society continues to believe that these things are something you can deliberately make a choice over, and shake off when it’s run it’s course. It is simply not good enough to think that individuals make ‘poor lifestyle choices’ and frankly, it is rather embarrassing to live in such an archaic society.

Just as bad is the social stigma that surrounds addicts, the LGBT community and people who suffer from mental illness. One of which is that they are in fact tainted by the devil. Archaic, yes; but sadly true. The time for awareness is over. Action is necessary and “The Devil Is Innocent”.

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