Breakthru The Sound is a song about rising above the noise that people put in your head. It may be bullies, an abusive partner or a work colleague who relentlessly grinds you into the ground. They make you feel like you should be the one apologising, and the more you try to appease them, the nastier they get. You most probably don’t know why you feel the way you do, and it is impossible to explain this to anyone. You will never feel peace and understanding unless you cut out the noise from these people. This is best achieved with people you trust who may experience a similar situation.

Verse 1
White knuckled fist of roses
Guilt bleeds from the thorn in your hand
Desperation for acceptance
Desperate to be a grain of the sand

I walk the street scuffing my bare feet
I seek release but I’m screaming under water

Prisoners of silence lay naked and bound
Let’s get together and breakthru the sound

Verse 2
Black nails, purl of fire
Frozen by the heat of the flame
Forced confession, forced behaviour
Force fed bedlam so there’s someone to blame

I try to speak with shrapnel in my teeth
I choke on smoke ‘cause I’m chewing on a bullet

I’m not rotting away
So stop banging mistakes to fit your purpose
We won’t suffer your Deave
So stop making us grieve with your brutal gagging backhand

To rise, to soar to suppress the mighty roar
The plumes that join will shatter the shame for

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen