Bent was written in response to the Malaysia Air flight that went missing. How is this even possible? When governments spend so much money exploiting privacy through the use of satellites, how can they misplace an entire jumbo-jet? The only possible answer is that something sinister is going on, which is no surprise because governments are full of corruption and incompetence.

Verse 1
Violence is a weakness
Playing with a broken arrow
Violate for business
Welcoming like a scarecrow

Cause your head it seems
The oxygen is getting really thin

1. How do you lose an aeroplane?
2. How could you try and pass the blame?
3. How can you let the children drown?
You must be bent

Verse 2
Silence bleeds deception
Fabricate another bleak story
Gently roll the weapon
And smoke on the mock morning glory

It’s a tainted view
When you drop the poison in our eyes

You spy on eyes from in out of space
Why can’t you see this state of disgrace

Lyrics & Music Written & Performed by Mullen